CORTECO China Jinqiao New distribution center was officially launched!

On December 23.2021, Corteco China has launched a new Jinqiao DC operation center in Shanghai Chilian (Jinqiao) science and Innovation Park, which has added a meaningful stroke to the historical journey of Corteco China over the past 13 years. The theme of this event is "Together towards success". At the opening ceremony of this activity, Mr. James Wei, President of Nok-freudenberg (China) and Mr. Richard Wang, general manager of Corteco China attended the opening ceremony to witness this exciting moment with all employees of companies.

The ceremony was officially carried out in a happy and peaceful atmosphere. First of all, Mr. Richard Wang, general manager of Corteco China, delivered welcome speech on the opening ceremony. He said that after more than ten years of continuous updating, Corteco China has expressed full confidence in the launch of the Jinqiao DC operation center. As a brand of the parent company, aiming at the automobile after-sales market, Corteco China has always been united, never forgetting its original intention, and adhering to the creation of the original supporting quality image. It is believed that with the launch of the new operation center, Corteco China will have a further, better and broader development blueprint in the future.

The group and related brother companies also express their high expectations for the Corteco China Jinqiao DC operation center, and sent congratulatory videos one after another.

After the end of speech, the opening ribbon cutting ceremony pushed up the climax of the atmosphere at the event site. With 5 seconds countdown, Jinqiao DC operation center was officially launched under the expectation of everyone. Mr. James Wei, President of Nok-Freudenber(China), Mr. Richard Wang, general manager of Corteco China, and relevant officials witnessed this sacred moment on the stage.

After the ribbon cutting ceremony, Mr. James Wei also delivered a speech at the opening ceremony. He said he was pleased with the steady development of Corteco China over the years and placed high hopes on the new operation center this year. Nok-freudenberg (China) always adheres to the main core values. The company regards employees as a member of the family and is committed to the common development of employees and the company. We also hope that Corteco China can uphold its original intention and develop in a further step.

For the opening ceremony of the operation center, it is also inseparable from the joint efforts of all employees of Corteco China as well as Nok-freudenberg(China). In this commemorative moment, the commemorative cake warms the hearts of all Corteco Chinese employees. Everyone gathered on the stage. The colleague with the longest service life and his new colleague together cut cake together to look forward to the bright future of Corteco China.

Launching the new Jinqiao DC operation center is an important milestone in the development of Corteco China. This is another masterpiece of Corteco China since its establishment in China in 2008. In 2022, Corteco China will start a new historical journey in the new DC operation center. Congratulations on the opening of Jinqiao DC operation center!